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The aesthetics business is very unique. I am here to help you with a customized coaching plan. My plan will be based on the specific needs of your future practice or current practice's strengths and challenges.

I will share the lessons I've learned during nearly 15 years as a Skincare Specialist and Aesthetics Director taking your business to a whole new level.


Areas of Expertise

For Existing Practices:
  • Secret shopping 
  • Social media marketing ideas and strategies
  • Team building
  • How to attract new patients
  • Retain current patients
  • Patient event and monthly specials
  • Proper aesthetic consulting
  • Making sure staff is adequately trained
  • Train team members on how to properly sell product and treatments
For New Business Start-up:
  • Help with hiring your team
  • Help with FDA regulations
  • Setting up social media marketing
  • Advise on website
  • Decisions on treatments to be offered/pricing/purchasing of equipment
  • Overall aesthetics of the practice to include retail area and displays

Retail Therapy:

  • How to Maximize Retail Sales in the Age of Online Shopping

  • Purchasing of inventory and display of inventory

  • Retail displays and how to sell product