• Kristi Allegra

4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Spa Retail Sales

If you own or operate a MedSpa, then you know that there is so much to be gained by actively selling your retail products to your customers.

However, this can sometimes be challenging. Either your clients are not aware of your wonderful retail products, or they are aware and just choose to pass them up on their way out the door. 

Spa retail can be a great boon to your business, but you and your team have to work hard to get those sales rolling. Retail is a great way to make ongoing, residual income, and once the money from it starts rolling in, you'll wish you put in the extra effort to make it happens sooner. 

If you're looking for great ways to increase your spa retail sales, read on. These tips will help you and your team to master the art of selling products in your spa. 

1. Be the Expert Your Clients Want

One of the most important tips to keep in

mind when it comes to increasing spa retail sales is the fact that your clients come to you because you are experts in your field. They want your advice, they want to learn and they want you to share your expertise.

When your team members take the time to educate your clients about their skin type and the best products to get the results they want, your clients will listen.

If they come to you with specific needs or concerns about their skin, they are asking you what they should buy to accomplish their goals. Don't be afraid to tell them. 

2. Use Specials and Promotions to Your Advantage

Another way to increase your retail sales is through the strategic use of specials and promotions. Make sure your team members are informing your clients about these specials and promotions as they happen.

Everyone loves getting a good deal, and when your clients know these deals are available, they will try products that they might not try otherwise. 

3. Incentive Programs Can Be a Big Motivator

Just as everyone enjoys a good sale, everyone also likes feeling like they are a part of a club. One way that you can promote that feeling at your spa is through incentive programs.

If you offer discount pricing on retail products to your regular customers or offer incentives for clients who refer their friends to your spa, you will likely find that they will eagerly use their discounts on your retail products. 

4. Give Your Employees Incentives, Too

Again, your clients will be most likely to purchase retail spa products if they know about them, and the best way for them to stay informed about what your MedSpa has to offer is through your team members.

The key to making this happen is through incentive programs for your employees.

Some of your employees may feel uncomfortable about pushing retail products on your clients, but that feeling will dissolve when they know that they, too, can earn bonuses and prizes for informing clients and for encouraging them to buy your spa's retail products.

Spa Retail Is Your Future

Once your clients begin enjoying your spa retail products, they'll come back for them time and time again. The key is to get them interested in these products in the first place, and these tips above should help you to achieve that first step. These are some ideas for increasing your retail sales. I have many more and would be happy to help you design a custom retail business plan just right for your business. If you'd like to set up a time to discuss your spa's specific needs, please contact me today. 

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