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5 Effective Strategies for Increasing Patient Retention

One of the most important elements of running any business is being able to create a loyal customer base. Patient retention is critical to the success of every spa or office providing products and services.

It's not enough to just get a consumer in the door. You need to provide current patients benefits to staying with you. They are also your best form of advertising and a powerful tool for getting new clients in the door. 

92% of consumers trust friend and family recommendations and word of mouth marketing over any other method of advertising.

Check out our tips for patient retention strategies to help you retain customers and keep current patients coming back.

Patient Retention Starts with a Smile

A smile goes a long way in making customers feel comfortable and at ease. Polite, pleasant and professional interactions are critical to providing the best customer experience possible. Whether it is a friendly staff member or an apathetic one can make all the difference between a client staying with your company for life or never returning.

An Honest and Knowledgable Team

If you want customers to continue to come back you need consistently great customer service. A client should receive the same information and service each time they interact with your company. Honesty is a priority for consumers and should be a priority for you if you want to retain patients.

They need to be able to trust and rely on the service they receive no matter who serves them. The more informed your staff members are about the policies and procedures of the company, the easier it will be for everyone to give helpful, accurate, and consistent information.

Your team should be a valuable resource. Your patients should get the same level of care as if you were handling the situation yourself. Hiring secret shoppers can help you ensure this is happening given when you're not there.

Convenience and Comfort

People expect convenience and comfort today more than ever. Society has made speed and ease a priority. Your company website should provide as much information and service options as possible to retain customers. 

Your website can have a big impact on patient retention even with brick and mortar businesses like dermatologist offices. Consumers want to look up information they need rather than call or stop in for small inquiries. 

Having a customer secure account platform where clients can pay their bills, book services, and make changes to their contact information preferences will be beneficial in keeping clients happy.

Quality and Value

Customers keep coming back when they feel like they are getting quality products and services for a good price. You don't have to be the cheapest but you need to offer your clients a reason why you are above and beyond what your competitors will offer. 

Finding the perfect balance between great price and the best quality services will help you retain customers who appreciate a good deal and those who consider the best quality product to be their top priority. 

Customer Appreciation

It doesn't take a huge investment to start a customer appreciation program but it can have huge returns. Showing your clients that you are grateful for their business and value them as individual clients rather than just a paycheck will give consumers a good reason to come back.

Simple things like thank you cards or remembering details about the client and their life can make all the difference in whether they feel valued as a customer or not.

Patient Retention is Everyone's Job

If you want to implement successful patient retention strategies then you need your whole team to be on board. It takes everyone from your receptionist to your CEO, your IT team to your marketing staff to provide your patients with a customer experience that keeps them always wanting to come back.

Connect with us today for help creating the best patient retention strategies for you.

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