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Eye-Catching Aesthetics: 3 Ways to Improve Your Spa's Retail Display

Since 65% of people are visual learners, it's important that those in business cater to customers under the assumption that aesthetics are important to them. Visual merchandising is one of the best ways that brick-and-mortar stores can reach out to their target audience and leave a lasting impact.

Here, we're going to talk about how to create an appealing retail display for your spa. Read on to learn how you can sell luxurious merchandise to the clientele that matters most.

1. Consider Your Target Audience

There are many ways to increase your spa sales, but the common denominator among all of them is an understanding of who you're marketing to. Different clientele types have varying preferences on what they like to see.

You'll need to figure out who your retail display is geared towards using concrete data. Google Analytics can help you track who visits your website and shows interest in it. You can also look at your engagement on social media to see the demographics that you're working with.

As a MedSpa retailer that likely caters primarily to higher-end customers, you'll want to make displays classy. A minimalist scheme may be best for appealing to classy clients because it's uncluttered and sophisticated. Be sure to think about what these people specifically like to see and do some online research to back up your ideas.

2. Place Things At Various Angles

A retail display needs to generate interest in the mind of the viewer, which means that it needs to engage them for more than a few seconds. Placing everything at the same angle or making it entirely symmetrical is a poor choice for this reason. Customer's eyes won't linger and they likely will miss the intricacies of your products.

Use colors that pop and position objects at different angles from one another. Be sure that customers can still see the entirety of your display, but also check to see if they a easy to pick up and move around to see all of its information. Doing so will keep them intrigued for a longer time and more likely to make a purchase.

3. Use Lighting Appropriately

Finally, you'll need to use the correct lighting to illuminate the products you have for sale. This means choosing warm or cool lighting based on the color and overall design of the spa. A cream-colored space will thrive under warm cream hues, while a sleek black one will have awesome contrast when placed by bright fluorescent bulbs.

Make sure that you position the lighting all around the spa and shine it on all important parts of the items. Your goal should be to draw consumer eyes to certain items that are sure to be top sellers.

Improve Your Spa Retail Display Today

Now that you know some ways that you can improve your retail display for selling aesthetics merchandise, it's time to get started.

Reach out with any lingering questions that you have about staging your products. Aesthetics experts can offer a number of tips on how you can interest and engage your target customers, so let's work together to come up with a plan to increase your sales.

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