• Kristi Allegra

How to Increase Your Store's Foot Traffic: 4 Strategies to Adopt

Even though the recent pandemic has disrupted shopping normalcy, foot traffic still plays a critical role in maintaining your store as a successful business.

Customers count on visiting brick and mortar stores to ground themselves in an enjoyable shopping experience.

Read on to find out the 4 best strategies to increase your store's foot traffic. That way you can learn how to attract more customers and benefit your bottom line.

Create a Third Space

A third space is best defined as a place where a person enjoys spending time, that is not their home (first space) or workplace (second space). A bar, restaurant, movie theatre, and library can all meet this criterion. Your store can as well.

Cultivating a successful third space is all about focusing on maximizing the customer's experience upon setting foot on your premises. Your store should be enjoyable to visit and be a place that customers desire to spend more time.

Make your store have a social atmosphere devoid of pretense. Make it warm and inviting. Utilize music, visual stimuli, and the principles of design to engage the customer and make them want to come back as often as possible to spend more time.

If you are seeking outside help, find a consultant with an area of expertise in improving your storefront's aesthetic environment. That way you will be able to engage your customers fully and cater to their finer sensibilities.

Increase Foot Traffic With the Internet

Some people blame the internet for the downfall of brick and mortar stores. What they fail to take into consideration is how the internet can be used to enhance the in-person shopping experience.

Concepts such as Buy Online Pick Up In-Store merge internet shopping with an in-person experience. They also save the customer time and money in getting an item shipped.

Use social media whenever feasible to increase turn-out at your store locations. This is the best and most direct way to reach your clientele via the internet.

For the beauty and spa industries, try using this strategy when selling make-up and other beauty products. Use the internet to showcase in-store specials. That way customers will be enticed to visit and take advantage of them.

Focus on Sanitation and Health

The reality of the world is that Covid-19 is on everyone's mind. Make sure to present your storefront as a Covid-safe place that utilizes all available precautions and principles of cleanliness.

People are itching to get out of the house, but can easily be discouraged by businesses viewed as unsafe or unclean.

Provide a safe shopping experience, and your customers will visit your store as often as they can. Even if it is just to get a break from the four walls of their home.

Provide Sales and Incentives

One of the most effective ways to increase foot traffic in your store is to provide sales and incentives to draw your clients in. From a weekly Wednesday special to rotating discounts, there are many options to utilize.

If You Build It They Will Come

Steady foot traffic plays one of the most important roles in maintaining a successful business. If your brick and mortar store is a bit empty as of recent, try implementing these helpful tips.

If you still need assistance in meeting your foot traffic goals, contact a professional consultant. They will be able to get your store bustling along in no time!

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