• Kristi Allegra

Secret Weapon: How Secret Shopping Helps Aesthetics Businesses Grow

Did you know that 96 percent of consumers say customer service is important to them?

What that staggering number means is that as a business owner, you have to pay special attention to your customer experience.

Whether you're a restaurant owner or are in the aesthetic business, customer service is key to building and maintaining a business. As an owner, sometimes it's hard to get a feel for how your patrons perceive your business.

A great way to get the information you need is to use secret shopping. Read on to learn more about secret shopping and how to use it to tighten up your business.

When the Boss is Away

You know how that goes. Employees are far more likely to provide better service in the presence of a manager or owner.

What happens when you turn over your business to your employees for the day? While there are many tools available to you like online reviews, it's impossible to know whether your employees hit your customer service standards.

A secret shopping program is a great way to find out. These programs offer you the ability to see your business through the eyes of your patrons and can catch any weaknesses.

Your employees will have no idea they are under evaluation, so you'll get a better idea of how they interact with customers when you are away.

Get a Competitive Analysis

While your customer service remains key for customer retention, it's also helpful to know what your competition does better.

You can hire a mystery shopper company to scout your business and your competition. These secret shoppers have a checklist meant to help them evaluate each business.

They then give you a report and review of your business and any of your competition. From this report, you can make the much-needed improvements.

Think about it. Say you own an Italian restaurant. There may be another Italian restaurant in town that offers a similar menu, but they have better customer loyalty. You might hear diners remark that your restaurant is a second choice.

With a secret shopper program, you can find out why and work to make your business the first choice.

Self Evaluation

You may run a smaller operation with maybe one or two employees. In this case, you do a lot of the work yourself.

If you run a spa or any other aesthetics business, people come to you for self-care. It's important to know if you, as the owner, provide the great customer service necessary to build your business.

Secret shopping is a great way to test yourself. With these programs, you don't know who the shopper is or when they're coming. They can then provide you with feedback on how you operate so you can coach and teach your employees.

Use Secret Shopping to Build Your Spa

In any business, customer service is a key ingredient for success. If you run an aesthetics business, it's especially important because your customers want to feel cared for and pampered.

For an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your service, consider hiring a secret shopping program. These provide you with a clear, unbiased opinion you can't find anywhere else.

For more help building your aesthetic business, contact us today.

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