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Sociable Spa Marketing: How to Leverage Social Media for Your Success

Largely because of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, health and spa industries are expected to see 0 percent net growth between 2015 and 2020. Over these five years, growth was largely net positive but negated by the pandemic.

So how can spa marketing via social media potentially help your business combat losses? Today we'll explore our top ways to leverage social media for your spa marketing success.

Social Media Posts Boost Brand Awareness

The most obvious benefit of having a spa marketing strategy on social media platforms is increased brand awareness.

In fact, 91 percent of marketers who spent a few hours each week posting on social profiles claimed that doing so greatly increased brand visibility and user experience.

Are you struggling to reach new potential customers? Consider using social media platforms to post content and service offerings.

Take professional-level photos within your spa of your equipment. With consent, take pictures of services being administered for a patient. This will help to promote the services you offer and increase trust online.

Leverage Ideal Social Media Platforms for Cost-Effective Spa Marketing

Running targeted ad campaigns can be extremely effective. They can help you attain and retain customers for your spa business. But what if your spa marketing budget is small, or nonexistent?

Running ads can take a lot of initial and testing investment. In contrast, social media marketing can be an affordable, if not cost-free, method to promote your spa business.

Prioritize creating social media accounts on platforms that are likely to be visited by spa-goers. After all, identifying your target market is essential for successful lead generation.

For example, your social media accounts could include LinkedIn for stressed-out professionals. You could also utilize Instagram to find customers who are most engaged with photos.

Finally, carve out time in your or your team's days to post on social media consistently throughout the week.

Let your customers know about your social media accounts when they visit your spa. Soon enough, you'll build awareness for new potential customers and cement a brand identity in current customers.

Partner with an Expert Consultant

Integrating and leveraging social media is vital for your spa's success. However, launching into the online space can be intimidating to do alone.

You may want to consider hiring an expert consultant with experience in the social media space. This could be in the form of an advertising agency. Alternatively, you can get a more customized approach through a solo consultant.

Here at Allegra Aesthetics Consulting, we coach aesthetic practices on how to attract new patients. We believe that the aesthetics industry is extremely personal. Your success relies heavily on how welcoming and inviting your business is to new customers.

Receiving an expert's opinion can fast-track your success and help you avoid pitfalls.

Take Your Spa to the Next Level

Are you ready to upgrade your spa marketing or start promoting your services affordably for the first time?

Start leveraging social media for your success by identifying the platforms your ideal customer uses. Next, make a plan to promote your services and team. Consider partnering with an expert marketing consultant.

Ready to learn more about marketing your spa? Read more on our blog today.

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