• Kristi Allegra

Why Hire a Secret Shopper?

If you are involved in an aesthetics practice or MedSpa, you know there is always competition surrounding your business and because the aesthetics industry is growing immensely, new practices continue to pop up all around us. With that being said, it is important to stay ahead of your competitors and a large part of that is building up your aesthetics team. I firmly believe you are only as strong as your team.

As a secret shopper, I will come in to examine your practice from a client’s perspective starting with the first phone call all the way to the check-out process. As an LMA and Aesthetics Manager for the last 15 years, I will be able to determine your teams’ strengths and weaknesses from a professional standpoint. In the end, I will provide you with a full report including:

  • Friendliness

  • Professionalism

  • Knowledge

  • Communication

  • Technique

  • Consulting ability

  • Phone skills

  • Overall flow and aesthetics of the practice

If needed, I can dive deeper and create a business plan designed especially for you to help make your practice not only stand out but become the best it can be. I do believe this is a very strong tool to help you and your aesthetics team provide the best care for your clients that will make them keep choosing you and of course refer family and friends. Word of mouth is the best advertising you could ever ask for.

Let me help you make your business grow!!

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